This past week, SRO Ebert and Superintendent Troy Kuhn spoke with grades 4-12 on the effects and consequences of threatening, bullying, and harassing comments that are made in school, outside of school, or over social media. There has been an increase nationally and locally of students bullying, harassing, and threatening each other over social media. The two main points of discussion were 1)The district and law enforcement take every threat and act/mention of violence seriously. 2)If someone has been harassed, bullied, or needs mental/emotional health support, there are trained staff within the district, community, and county that can assist. These talks have already sparked positive conversations among students and staff. We have had many students already seek adults for help for various reasons. Our goal is to always keep our schools and community safe. We can all do our part by following the rule of, "If you see something, say something!"
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For a Fundraiser for Prom, students/staff dressed like Mr. Howe!
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Read Across America was celebrated today with CMS Student Council reading with friends in Kindergarten and at the daycare!
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Sources of Strength
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Free Baseball Clinic
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Read Across America Week for CMS/CES
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📣 The Results are In!!!📣 Clintonville had the opportunity to host the District 22 Leadership Development Events Thank you to all volunteers, judges, alumni members, and who helped to make this night a success! Here are the results from tonight!: Creed: 🏅Rhianna Miller participated 🏅Brianna Birling got 4th Extemporaneous: 🏅Lily Heeg placed 5th Employment: 🥈Logan Harbaugh placed 2nd 🏅Nicole Sasse participated Parliamentary Procedure: 🥇Team placed 1st- Members are Brianna Birling, Nicole Sasse, Logan Harbaugh, Arianna Jepson, Jenna Rogers, and Abigail Krueger Discussion Meet: 🏅Sienna Warnke participated 🥇Victoria Havlik placed 1st Prepared Public Speaking 🥇 Victoria Havlik placed 1st The Parliamentary Procedure team, as well as Logan for Employent Skills and Victoria for both Prepared Speaking and Discussion Meet will all move on to the Sectional Contest in Seymour on March 11th! Once again, thank you to all that helped tonight, and Congratulations to our members on a successful night!
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Congrats goes to... Sterling Van Straten - Valedictorian Bree Bricco - Co Salutatorian Danielle Huss - Co Salutatorian
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Olivia Kriewaldt - Vice President of Community Service
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In honor of FCCLA Week: Flashback Friday
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Haven Herter - FCCLA Treasure
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Marley Tauferner - FCCLA Secretary
17 days ago, Clintonville
Jordan Jaskolski - FCCLA Vice President
18 days ago, Clintonville
Chloe Brzezinski - FCCLA President
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CPR Training in the Health 10 classes. With these two classes completing the training this week, 106 students went through the American Heart Association "Hands Only" CPR Training during the 2023-24 school year.
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Winners of the 2nd Quarter/Semester 1 Attendance incentive. $10 Starbucks / Target - Winter Buchert, 11 $10 Starbucks / Target - Kai Krueger, 11 $10 Starbucks / Target - Hannah Wester, 10 $10 Starbucks / Target - Gavin Steinke, 12 $10 Starbucks / Target - Willow Werth, 10 $15 Subway - Rainna Miller, 11 $15 Subway - Carson Handrich, 9 $20 KwikTrip - Kaitlyn Schroeder, 10 $20 KwikTrip - Analiha Hawkins, 9 $25 Amazon - Mario Ramirez, 9 $25 Amazon - William Longsine, 11 $50 KwikTrip - Marissa Tamayo, 10 TV - Chloe Brzezinski, 11
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Students in Chemistry conducted flame emission spectroscopy on eight different metal salts. Using this information and the color of the flame they were able to identify the same metal salts without knowing metal's identity. Technology used in this lab included a Vernier Spectrophotometer outfitted with an optical cable. The spectrophotometer was connected via Bluetooth to their Chromebooks for graphical analysis.
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