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In cooperation with National Weather Service, Lamers Bus Company, and Local/County Law Enforcement and Highway Departments, Clintonville will make every effort to make the correct decision if it is safety for students to come to and attend school.

PARENTS - If school is open, however you feel that it is unsafe for your child to attend school, please call the school to notify the office that they will not be in attendance and that their absence shall be marked excused.

Factors - Safety and factors are not just weather related but can also be due to community danger, lack of electricity among others. In the even there is a snow event, extreme temperatures, wind chill, or other weather event and the National Weather Service has issued a warnings, the district will communicate any cancelations or changes to start or end times of the instructional day.

2 Hour Delay

  • All Classes will start 2 Hours after their normal time.  Please excuse any late buses.

  • Morning Early Childhood and 4K classes are canceled.

  • Staff must report no later than 9:30 am.

Early Dismissal

When school is dismissed early because of inclement weather, the announcement will indicate that school will dismiss early. Parents are asked to have alternative plans for their children’s supervision and care in the event school is dismissed early due to inclement weather.

If Classes are Canceled

  • Students are not expected to log on or complete any new material, unless directed to do so in certain circumstances (ex: College Credit Courses)

  • Maintenance is to report if it is safe to do so (determined by director).

  • Custodial and Clerical Staff may report.

  • All other staff shall not report

  • Hourly staff may elect to be paid if they use personal or sick leave