Notice of Construction areas and Walking Trail Closure on Clintonville High School Campus

Construction has begun!  For the safety of the public and Clintonville District Staff, certain areas around the current Clintonville High School will be fenced off.  If gates or fencing is open, you may not enter, these areas are limited to Clintonville Maintenance Staff and Contractors.

In addition, signs and barricades will be placed on the walking trail between the football field and baseball diamond, and also, on the walking trail entrance off of Green Tree Road.  Even though this area will not be fenced off, we ask that for the time of construction, people refrain from using this part of the trail. 

Since there is no parking in the north/back entrance:

  • Parents and visitors are to park in the south/front parking lot and enter through the main entrance.  

  • Athletes/Coaches are to park in the south/front parking lot and enter the Field House entrance.  

  • Spectators for athletic events, please park in the south/front parking lot.

  • Student and staff parking will be in the south high school parking lot only.

  • Rec Center parking will remain the same. We ask that this continue to be reserved for Rec Center visitors only.

Sorry for any inconvenience during construction.