Due Dates

Sept. 30 - Safeschools Videos

Jan. 3 - Optional Safeschool Videos

June 30 - All PD Requirements and Frontline Documentation



The Clintonville Public School District believes in honoring a professional staff member’s ability to determine aspects of their own professional development and learning. As such, 16 hours of Professional Development are part of the professional teaching staff contract. These are not additional days, but are already included as 2 of the total contracted days and are intended to allow for professional staff members to differentiate their professional growth, improve their craft, and provide learning opportunities to meet individual needs.

Guidelines for the 16 Professional Development Hours:

  • The activities must be completed within the contract year (July 1 to June 30). Administrative approval may be granted for dates requested prior to July 1.

  • Travel time to and from an activity cannot be counted as a part of the floating professional development hours.

  • All professional development hours must be submitted through FRONTLINE no later than June 30, 2022.

Please click on this Link for examples of Approved Professional Development Activities

  • Within the Link you will find a chart that explains the following:

    • Acceptable - During Non School Hours - Current Academic Year

    • Acceptable - During School Hours - Current Academic Year

    • Not Acceptable

  • Due to ESEA Monitoring - Professional Development must directly be linked to improving student achievement. Therefore, we must narrow our scope of what professional development will be accepted for hours. Some activities that have been accepted in the past, such as personal well-being activities, will no longer count toward the district professional development hours.

Approval Process:

  • Teachers must submit any request for professional development hours into FRONTLINE.

  • Staff must plan for all professional development in their department/building budgets.