Our vision here at DELC is to create a school atmosphere where students, parents, and staff all share a mutual respect and excitement for learning. We recognize and promote the correlation between a healthy active body and educational performance. We strive to instill intrinsic values while nurturing high personal and academic growth. At our school, parents and community should feel welcomed, as they are an integral part of the team that educates our youth.

DELC became an Early Learning Center in 2005 and was the start of formal 4K education in the community. Our commitment to education has a play-based learning atmosphere where students have the opportunity to explore and develop. The staff feel singing, dancing, and fingerplays are vital aspects of a student's development as well as love, happiness, compassion, understanding, vocabulary, mathematics, and writing. All aspects of our educational program are student-focused and driven. Welcome to our family. #TruckerPride