Peg Mischler
Director of Curriculum

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Four Critical Questions of Learning

All curriculum development and continuous improvement action steps originate from one of these critical questions.  

1. What do we expect students to learn?

2. How do we know they are learning it?

3. How do we respond when they do not learn?

4. How do we respond when they have already learned?

Curriculum Vision

Focus on Student Learning - Teachers examine their practices from the perspective of impact on student learning. We continue to improve our systematic processes for intervention and enrichments.

A Collaborative Culture - Teachers work in high performing teams and take collective responsibility for all students' learning, rather than working in isolation. They see students as "our students" not "mine" or "yours".  

Focus on Results - Teachers assess their effectiveness based on student results. They use the information to improve their individual practice and build the collaborative team's capacity to ensure high student achievement.