Alumnus Honoris

The worthwhile accomplishments of a Clintonville or Bear Creek High School alumnus will again be

recognized this year when the Alumnus Honoris Award is made at the commencement ceremony. Residents of

the Clintonville School District and all alumni of Clintonville or Bear Creek High Schools are invited to make


Nominations must be in writing, signed by the nominator and in the hands of Principal Kelly Zeinert

by February 15, 2020. The nomination must include qualifications of the person nominated and the year he or

she graduated from Clintonville High School or Bear Creek High School. The recipient need not be living, but

if the person is alive, his or her acceptance will be required after the selection has been made. If a nomination

has been made in the past, but is was more than three years ago, a re-nomination will be necessary.

To be nominated for this award, the individual must have distinguished himself or herself in an area of

honorable endeavor, whether it be a professional, vocational, business or military field. The scope of the

achievement upon which the recognition is based is unlimited chronologically, but it should be state,

national, or world-wide in geographical area, and not limited to his or her profession. Impact on those

outside his or her chosen occupation carries significant importance in consideration for this award. It cannot be

emphasized enough that detailed information be submitted and that a detailed description of the

accomplishments be included with the nomination. This detailed information should include newspaper

articles about the nominee's accomplishments, a resume of accomplishments, any published articles that

the nominee has authored, letters of support from those familiar with the nominee's accomplishments,

etc. There is no such thing as a submission with too much information.

The final selection for this award will be made by a committee composed of two representatives of the

community; two members of the high school faculty; Kelly Zeinert - Clintonville High School Principal; and

officers of the senior class to represent the student body.

This award was presented for the first time in 1956 when it was made to the late Dr. William Meggers, a

recognized authority in the field of physics. Since then the late Max Stieg, the late Robert Gibson, the late

Llewellyn Cole, the late Laurel Behnke, the late Dr. Rodney Dodge, the late Robert A. Olen, the late Walter C.

Kirchner, the late Louis Malotky, the late Dr. Janet K. Schnorr, Dr. Janice Schnorr, the late Dr. Nancy Sell, Col.

Robert Samz, Ronald H. Fillnow, Dr. Clarence Huffmann, the late Dr. James Bard, the late Mrs. G. R.

McCauley, the late Edward B. Miller, the late Roger Nass, Howard Bovee Jr., Ronald Kolpack, Robert Billings,

Bishop Robert Morneau, Mary Beth Kuester, Dr. Kurt Marshek, M. Peter Pevonka, Harland H. Kirchner, David

P. Steinbach, Lt. Col. Roy Hedtke, Richard Bennett, Sharon Anderson, Dr. David Graper, Dr. Karen S.

Oberhauser, Dennis Glocke, Judith Magee, Dr. Dan Olk, John Stichman, Dr. Barbara Keller, William J. Harper,

Dr. Dennis Crowe, Dr. Kathryn Zalewski, Dr. David D. Wisnefske, Dr. Paul Caskey, Dr. Robert Debenedetti,

Dr. Michael Hoffmann, Dr. David R. Schuler, Dr. Jerry Schoenike, Dr. Robert H. Meisel, and Tina Bettin have 

received this award.

The award is presented in the form of an inscribed certificate for the recipient; that person’s name is

engraved upon a commemorative plaque in the high school main entrance. The recipient is also presented with

an engraved miniature silver bowl.

If you have further questions regarding the award, the nomination process, or the documentation needed,

please contact Kelly Zeinert at kzeinert@clintonville.k12.wi.us or 715-823-7215 ext. 2203.