When is the pool available for open swim?
Our pools are open for open swim whenever the Rec Center is open. Our pool is occasionally closed for an event/maintenance. This information can be found on our monthly calendars.

What are the age policies for the Rec Center?
Swimming Pool Age Policy-

  • Children must be in 3rd grade or above to enter the pool without a guardian.
  • Children ages 5 and under must be within arms area of an adult guardian (18 years or older) Limit 3 children per one adult.
  • Ages 6 to 2nd grade must be accompanied by a guardian whom is 13 years of age of older.

Weight Room Age Policy-

  • Must be in at least 7th grade to enter the weight room.

Basketball Gym Age Policy-

  • 4th grade and below must be accompanied by an adult.

What does my Rec Center Membership include?
A Rec Center Membership includes access to the swimming pools, weight room, basketball gym, and locker rooms.

How old do I have to be to get the senior prices?

What insurance plans does the Rec Center accept?
We accept Silver Sneakers, Silver & Fit, GO365 and Optum members.