Photo Name Title Email Phone Web site
  Messner, Craig DIstrict Maintenance Mechanic Email (715) 250-1343
Photo for Suttner, Cherry Suttner, Cherry Dellwood Custodian 2 Email
  Reinke, Steve Director of Buildings and Grounds Email (715) 281-7036 Web site
  Hartleben, Marty District Maintenance Mechanic Email (715) 250-1341
  Johnson, Phil District Maintenance Technician Email (715) 281-7012
  Edwards, Matt HS/Longfellow/MS Custodian 1 Email
  Malueg, Donald High School Custodian 1 Email
  Cornell, Tim High School Custodian 2 Email
  Erdmann, Joel High School Custodian 2 Email
  Pingel, Danna High School Custodian 2 Email
  Popke, Jean High School Custodian 2 Email
  Konkel, Jim Longfellow Custodian 1 Email
  Reindl, Sue Longfellow Custodian 2 Email
  Ulman, Nancy Longfellow Custodian 2 Email
  Korth, Sue Middle School Custodian 1 Email (715) 460-0201
  Ramirez, Steven Middle School Custodian 2 Email