Due to the inclement weather Clintonvile Public Schools will be closed today.

Employment Opportunities

Certified Staff Positions



The redesigned Wisconsin Education Career Access Network (WECAN) program has been released.  Applications for teaching and administrative positions are only accepted for current vacancies, as posted on WECAN website. Please do not send any paper application materials. 

If you previously had an account on the old WECAN website, please note that candidate data will NOT be transferred to the redesigned format. You MUST create a new account. To be able to create a WECAN account, you will need your own unique email address.

In the redesigned WECAN system, you will complete a new Standard Application, answer the required Standard Questions, and upload attachments.  Attachments may include: license, resume, reference letters, and transcripts.

You may click on the link below to access WECAN and view current vacancies.  



Support Staff Positions

Application for Employment
Please indicate all positions you are applying for, including substitute support staff position areas. Applications can be returned to: District Office 45 W. Green Tree Road Clintonville, WI 54929
Clerical Positions
There are no current vacancies.
Custodial/Maintenance Positions
There are no current vacancies.
Food Service Positions
There are no current vacancies.
Paraprofessional Positions
There are no current vacancies.
Substitute Support Staff Positions
We are currently accepting applications for Substitute Support Staff workers in all areas. If interested, please fill out an application and return to: District Office, 45 W. Green Tree Road, Clintonville, WI 54929

Extra-Curricular Staff Positions

There are currently no announcements.

Substitute Teaching

Questions regarding Substitute Teaching in the Clintonville School District can be directed to Clara Kopplinger @ 715-823-7215 x2605 or ckopplinger@clintonville.k12.wi.us.


Click here to access the Clintonville Public Schools Substitute Teacher Handbook. 

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